PC Emery Discusses Online Safety

Published 5 January 2022

Recently Year 7 had an assembly from PC Tim Emery about online safety. Below is a message from PC Emery.

I am a Police Officer on the Safeguarding Team and I had the privilege of speaking to Year 7 at St Bart’s today about online safety. In the interests of being joined up in our approach to keep your children safe, I wanted to share with you what was discussed:

We looked at people not being who they say they are online. The theme was inquisitive rather than scare mongered! I wasn’t in uniform so we explored how people might know I was in the police.

  • We looked at a range of different apps and websites. Legally most of them require you to be 13 to have your own account. However, I accept that a lot of parents are allowing them to sign up earlier than 13. If this is the case, it needs extra maturity and should be allowed to be monitored by adults with parental responsibility.
  • We looked at flagging up things that upset you online with parents, teachers, club leaders etc.
  • We looked at how what you think is just banter can actually be bullying.
  • We looked at privacy settings – being public can get more likes but it also means literally anyone can see your content. Settings are easy to fix and if you don’t know how, google it with parents and learn together! Periodically review them.
  • Switch off geotagging, unless your parents like to know where you are.
  • We looked at inappropriate language and how it can get you in trouble.

Generally, the year group seemed to like the delivery. It is an important topic. If you feel you don’t know enough about the internet and staying safe, check out a few sites like www.getsafeonline.org and make sure you show an interest in the apps and sites your child uses. It can seem daunting but if everyone follows a few simple rules, there is no reason why your child would come to any harm if they are being sensible. The internet can be both educational and fun so let’s work together to ensure that online is a positive experience as they grow up.

PC Tim Emery