PE HIIT Challenge Results

The PE Department have been keeping Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 core PE groups active and busy whilst the school is closed by setting 3 tasks per week on SMHW. Students can choose which tasks they want to complete.

Task 1 is a HIIT training session which changes each week and is supplemented with a visual demonstration on our PE social medial pages. 

Task 2 is a skill based challenge, which in week one was basketball, week 2 was cricket and week 3 is rugby.

Task 3 is a written challenge, Year 7 have been making certificates for sports day, Year 8 have been House sport team sheets, Year 9 have been making resources cards and completing a leadership activity and Year 10 have been making theory posters for different types of training.

The results have been arriving by email and we have been celebrating them on our PE social media page. We will do more of this in person with students when we go back to school. We really are seeing some fantastic work.

We would like to share the HIIT training results from weeks 1 and 2.

Well done and congratulations to:

Week 1: Helena 7P2, Charlite 8E1, Grace 9E1, Will 10E1

Week 2: Carys 7C2, Layla 8C2, Ollie 9C3, Sophie 10E1

We would also like to say well done to Charlotte Graham and Ruby Wiltshire in Year 9 who have produced some excellent athletes recourse cards, please see BartholoNews.