Pride Week at St Bart’s

Last week St Bart’s celebrated Pride! All students had the opportunity to write down what Pride meant to them, and these messages were used to create a large rainbow flag, which was displayed in the hub.

On Friday activity time lots of students got creative and added colourful chalk drawings and messages in celebration of Pride to our ‘Pride Pavement’.  All of these contributions showed just how much each and every student in our school has to be proud of. 

Throughout the whole week we learned about inspiring LGBT figures and the progress of the Pride movement in the UK from displays and posters around the school. Many students also made the most of the Pride stand in the library, borrowing books that celebrate the talent of LGBT authors or encourage everyone to feel proud of their identity. The atmosphere all week was one of tolerance, kindness, and respect, and this is something that everyone in St Bart’s should feel proud of.