Queen Elizabeth II

Published 28 September 2022

Following the sad news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, we have been reflecting on her visits to the school, first in May, 1972, accompanied by the then Secretary of State for Education, Margaret Thatcher, and then again in 1993, when she gave us this signed portrait of herself and the Duke Edinburgh.

Assistant Headteacher, Miss Thorne, was a student at St Bart’s in 1993, when the Queen visited.

She says, “It was a privilege to be selected to be one of the students to take part in the Lacrosse display in the old sports hall. The day was very exciting and it was an amazing experience to see the Queen in real life and in our school.”

On the day after the Queen died, students from 4 classes in KS3 and KS4 were asked to write down what she meant to them. Over 60 students created this word cloud.