School Arrangements for 30 June 2011

Industrial action by the National Union of Teachers and Association of Teachers and Lecturers, in response to the proposed changes to public sector pensions, is taking place in schools across the country on Thursday 30 June.

Adequate staffing levels are essential in order to maintain an orderly, safe and productive environment; the duty of care for students’ safety and wellbeing is a paramount consideration, when determining whether the school can remain open.  Having received more precise information about the expected level of staff absence, I have been able to undertake a detailed risk analysis of the likely impact of staff absence at St Bart’s on 30 June. The scale of staff absence is such that it will be necessary, on health and safety grounds, to operate with a partial closure of the school to students, on this date.

The school will be open for Years 7 and 8 students only. Students in these two year groups will attend lessons as normal, for the periods where their timetabled teacher is available to teach them, and be supervised in the Hall, by the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher, in any periods when their teacher is absent.  Years 7 and 8 students should come prepared to complete any outstanding homework tasks and with a reading book; they may also bring in board games, for breaks in the Hall.

The school will be closed to students in Years 9, 10 and 12. These year groups will be expected to work at home on homework, revision of the latest Units taught in each of their subjects and to prepare for any relevant coursework.

Should there be a change to the anticipated level of staffing for 30 June it may be necessary to extend the closure to another year group; however I believe that this will be very unlikely. Up to date details will be published on the school website.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Mrs C I S Haddrell