Sixth Form Dance Trip

Published 8 March 2023

“On 7 February we went down to Southampton to watch Rambert’s Peaky Blinders: ‘The Redemption of Thomas Shelby’ by Benoit Swan Pouffer. It was an absolute pleasure to watch, from the fantastic choreography, that had a commercial , to the fast paced movement, it was hard to look away. There were moments of fluidity and contemporary based movement, which I found very effective, combined with the live music. Moi Trans, the set designer, was extremely creative, and I especially liked the use of the staging and different levels of the stage to represent the trenches in the war. It almost created an illusion for the audience, as the leg swinging movements were highlighted by this. I particularly liked the use of props by Lily Mollgaard in the piece. 

I found the use of the carousel horses was a brilliant way of portraying the Shelby family’s money laundering and horse betting. I also found it effective when Thomas Shelby, played by Guillaume Queau, had an emotionally heartbreakingly solo with a beige sheet and dancers behind him. This created a shadow effect which Queau was able to lean on and manipulate, which was truly hypnotising to watch. It was interesting to see this emotion interpreted in this way and I really enjoyed this section. Overall, it was incredibly inspiring to watch and I absolutely loved the performance. I would definitely recommend it.

Amelia Knight (12E6)