Sixth Form House Dodgeball

Published 19 October 2022

Last week, the Sixth Form Cup kicked off with House Dodgeball. Students were in positive competitive spirit, and the Sixth Form House Leaders were out in force to cheer on their teams with Mr Roberts giving inspirational speeches after every match (according to Mr Roberts). In dramatic fashion, Curnock were able to secure their spot in the final, seeing off a well organised Patterson team with Miss Bilcliff recreating Al Pacino’s speech from Any Given Sunday. Evers had fewer players but were well spirited throughout with Mr Owen’s encouragement. Davis, led by captains Lottie Codling and Oliver Clayton, dominated the league stage before commandingly defeating Curnock in the final. Unlucky Mr Roberts!

The final results were as follows: Evers, 4th place, Patterson, 3rd place, Curnock, 2nd place, and Davis were the winners! It was great fun, and we are putting on a full programme of Sixth Form House Events this year so be sure to get involved in the coming weeks and be part of the Sixth Form community.