Sixth Form Trips Update

Published 1 February 2023

Parliament Trip 

Last week, the Sixth Form Team took 13 A Level Politics students to explore and experience parliament in action. Arriving in the early evening, students walked down Whitehall seeing Downing Street and the government buildings.

Once we had our visitor badges, we had a look around Westminster Hall and even had some time viewing the House of Commons mid-debate. After this we were guests at an event in a committee room organised by the Fabians Society.Students witnessed and questioned MP’s on the economy and other important issues facing our country and young people. This was an amazing experience for our students, and they were all excited to be able to access all areas of parliament in action.

A Level student, Rose Clark, said, “Last Wednesday, some Year 13s, Mr Wilder, Mrs Lane and Mrs Garrety got to experience democracy in action at the Houses of Parliament in London.  After entering through airport-style security, we were allowed up to the viewing gallery in the House of Commons and managed to arrive just in time to witness a vote, or a ‘division’ as it is called, which later made the front page of BBC news.  A number of high-profile MPs were in the chamber while we were there – including Matt Hancock and Jacob Rees-Mogg, who spoke on the subject of the division, the retention of EU law within Britain, as we watched from behind the glass.  We were then able to take part in a meeting of the Young Fabians Society, a historic group within the Labour Party, while they discussed a number of issues ranging from nuclear power stations, local government, the 2019 election and a question asked by Mrs Lane about youth political participation. The experience allowed us all a view into what day-to-day running of the country is like and was very eye-opening and exciting for all involved!”

A Level student, Ed Morris, said, “A fantastic opportunity to see the mechanics of parliament in action. As well as watching a live debate in the chamber we had the chance to engage in a complex political discourse with members of the shadow cabinet! Fascinating stuff.”

Wembley Trip 

As part of our outstanding careers provision, the Sixth Form Team took a group of Sixth Form students to visit University Campus of Football Business (UCFB) Wembley in London. UCFB focuses predominantly on the football industry but also covers a range of sport related degree courses, including Marketing, Business, Management, Coaching, Media and Law. Students experienced a taster lecture on the football industry and a tour of the stadium. Mr Wilder said, “students had an eye-opening experience on non-traditional opportunities in the world of sport and business”.