Spotlight on Textiles

Published 23 January 2023

In the latest on our Spotlight series we shine a light on the Textiles Department.  Textiles teaches invaluable life skills and provides students with visual, sensory and tactile experiences. At St Bart’s, Textiles students work with various materials and experiment with embroidery, machine sewing, various decorative and constructive techniques and processes, giving them the freedom to be experimental, expressive and creative.

 Year 7 students are introduced to the process of research experimentation, designing to manufacture their own stuffed monster toys. Year 8 explore, research and understand different cultures to influence the design of their own motifs, pattern and decoration for a draw string bag. Year 9 are set the challenge of designing and making an exotic themed banner for a local smoothie café, influenced by the work of artists and designers Zandra Rhodes, Mathew Williamson, and Beatriz Milhaze. GCSE students (Year 10) are working on a project inspired by the coast and supported by a trip to Bournemouth Aquarium, whilst A level (Year 12) have been working directly on the mannequins, using a variety of paper folding and construction techniques to produce a couture garment themed around rust and decay.

As if that wasn’t keeping them busy enough, the Textiles Department have also introduced the St Bart’s Sewing Bee! Each term, one student from each class will be given the Textiles ‘Sewing Bee’ Award for great quality work, organisation and demonstration of the Bart’s values within lessons. Read on to discover the latest Sewing Bee winners, more about the projects taking place and enjoy some images of the great work being produced.