St Bart’s at Wembley

Published 18 June 2024

On Friday 7 June, 10 staff and 90 students made their way to Wembley to watch England play their final warm-up game before the Euros against Iceland. Traffic, as always, was bad, especially getting into the car park but we all made it in good time. We had an extremely long walk from the car park to the stadium, as we were the other side of the stadium and in the upper tier! Once we had got all the students in their seats, they were allowed to grab some food and drinks. Despite the attendance being over 80,000, the queues for food and drink weren’t too long, thankfully.

Sadly, the performance from the England players was nothing short of terrible, which made the game much less enjoyable for those of us watching. However, our students made the most of the experience and managed to start multiple Mexican waves, which continued around the stadium. Despite the result and performance, the students and staff still had an excellent time, and it was fantastic to experience the atmosphere of a home England game at Wembley right before a major tournament. We still got to see some of the best players from the Premier League this season, with Phil Foden, Cole Palmer and Declan Rice all starting. The performance didn’t fill us with confidence that football is coming home but it’s the hope that kills us!

Thanks to Miss Ostinelli, Mr Fry, Mr Sullivan, Mr Bandy, Mr Bateman, Mrs Stevens, Mr Wilder, Mrs Shopland and Miss Broome for giving up their time to support on the trip and to all the staff behind the scenes who helped organise it. We hope everyone enjoys the Euros – come on England!