St Bart’s Community Awards 2019

A new award is being introduced at St Bart’s to recognise those who help and support their communities. This award complements the many other ways in which we celebrate achievement and success across our broad curriculum.

The St Bart’s Community Awards will commend students in all years, staff and parents/carers who do good work in the community.  Amongst other things, this could include

  • Regularly helping others in need
  • Regularly visiting an elderly neighbour
  • Being a Young Carer by helping a family member with additional needs
  • Organising an event to raise money for a charity
  • Volunteering to work in a charitable organisation
  • Raising awareness of an important cause
  • Making significant contributions to St Bart’s through volunteer work

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list and it is recognised that our students, staff and parents/carers do a wide range of different things that help and support their communities.

We will be hosting this celebratory evening on Wednesday 10 July 2019, after examinations have finished so that students in all years can attend.

If you know of a St Bart’s student, member of staff or parent/carer who deserves recognition then please nominate them.   Nomination forms were sent to all parents/carers by Schoolcomms earlier this week, or they can be obtained by emailing

The deadline for nominations is Monday 20 May 2019.

Any pictures or videos associated with the nomination would be welcomed, provided the nominee has given permission for photographs to be used.  Please also ensure you have discussed this nomination with your nominee.