St Bart’s Recipe Bank

Mrs Eastman has created a new St Bart’s recipe bank for you and your family to use while you are at home. She has included files of the recipes usually cooked by each year group, so you have the details of recipes you may have made before.

In the coming weeks we will also be adding in further low cost family recipes, many based on store-cupboard ingredients.

So please enjoy looking through and finding recipes that use ingredients you have available! You may be able to substitute or leave ingredients out if you can’t obtain everything.

Cooking can be a satisfying, fun and rewarding experience, and you can cook and share your creations with your family over the coming weeks, to cheer everyone up in challenging times.

Younger students must cook with adult supervision; remember knife skills, ‘clear as you go’ principles and food safety to avoid cross contamination.

Recipe Bank Link and

are two further sources of recipes you may wish to explore. Bon appetite!