St Bart’s Students Have Their Say

Published 28 November 2023

Greenham Trust are a grant giving body that support local charities and organisations for the benefit of the people in West Berkshire and North Hampshire. They’ve supported over 5000 local good causes and distributed over £71 Million since the Trust’s inception in 1997. The Trust’s Grant committees meet regularly throughout the year, including the Youth Distribution Committee.

The Youth Distribution Committee consists of young people from local secondary schools, such as St Bart’s, and youth organisations, such as Berkshire Youth and Kennet District Scouts, who review projects and agree how best to award grants. The initiative gives students a fantastic chance to make a difference to their local community, with the maximum available to distribute £15,000 and the maximum grant award per project set at £1500.

Last week, St Bart’s Sixth Form students, Archie and Luisa, had the opportunity to take part in the latest Youth Distribution Committee meeting at the Waterside Centre Newbury. Luisa said of the experience:

“Being asked to go to the Greenham Trust Youth Distribution Meeting is something I will never forget. It gave me skills which I will continue to use in my everyday life, for example the ability to work with and listen to other students interested in the same thing. Each person on the committee was from a different area of West Berkshire, allowing the rest of us to hear what they had experienced and ideas they had in order to effectively allocate funding to the applicants. It was an incredible experience and I would 100% do it again.” Luisa Sutherland

Thank you to Greenham Trust for empowering the younger generation and giving them the space to share their thoughts and ideas.