Students on Film

Published 4 May 2023

St Bart’s is currently busy producing a new school video, which we hope will be available for current and prospective parents to view this coming September. The film will showcase all the wonderful lessons, facilities and opportunities available at St Bart’s, as well as featuring words from Dr Fitter and some of our Year 7 students. We are very privileged to have the support of Max Horsey and the Radley College Film Unit in producing this video, and we are also delighted that three of our own Year 10 Film Studies students are supporting the project – Daisy, Ruby and Sophia. Here are Ruby’s reflections following our first session of filming:

On Thursday 30 March, my friends and I were privileged enough to work alongside Mr Horsey from Radley College on a video for the school. 

We all jumped at this opportunity as it meant working alongside a true film enthusiast as well as getting a chance to operate exciting and modern film equipment we had never seen before. We went from classroom to classroom with cameras learning shots, angles and brightness techniques.

We even got to help out with interviewing some young St Bart’s students on how they are finding the school environment.

We were able to grasp an idea of what it is like to film on a schedule in a professional environment, and we got to feel just how heavy the cameras really are!

Mr Horsey was an amazing person to work with as he had extensive film knowledge he was keen to pass on some tips and tricks for good quality filming.

Overall the experience was extremely educational and a great intro to the film industry!”

Ruby (10D2)

“The filming opportunity and working with Max Horsey was an awesome experience and I had a great time working with the filming equipment and other students on the project. It was a lot of fun and we all had an amazing time during the day.”

Daisy (10D2)