“The best assembly we have ever had”

Published 20 March

Thursday 9 March, we invited Paul Hannaford into school to speak with our Year 8, 10 and 12 students about knife crime and drugs. Paul is an ex-drug addict and offender who turned his life around and now dedicates his time educating young people.

The talks were powerful and emotive, conveying a strong message of the reality of the consequences that can follow a poor decision. The feedback from students and staff have been that it was thought-provoking and real.

“Lots of people say ‘don’t take drugs’ but he explained how one bad move really affected his life very badly.”

“I think he was very brave to talk about such personal things but he really made you think about how bad choices affected his family.”

“He admitted to his faults. He was very human, which made it interesting.”

“That was the best assembly we have ever had.”

“It was hard to listen to his story but he really makes you think.”

You can find out more about Paul’s work here.

If you would like some more information about drugs, there is some useful advice and guidance on the Talk to Frank website. For more information on knife crime and gangs, see the ‘Fearless’ website.