Counselling & Support


Hi – We are Harriet Perkins and Romy Frieburghaus the School Counsellors for St Bart’s.

 What is counselling?

Sometimes it is difficult to understand how we are feeling or what we are thinking.  Counselling is a safe place to talk about any worries or fears that may be upsetting you or that you simply want to discuss.  Talking things through with a trained counsellor often allows someone to make more sense of themselves and I am here to listen without any judgement.  I will not tell you what to do, but we work out together what is best for you. 

What do people come to counselling for?

You can come to counselling to talk about anything, but common issues include:

  • Feeling angry
  • Friendship issues
  • Bullying
  • Problems at home
  • Feeling anxious or depressed
  • Self-harming or suicidal thoughts
  • Feeling worried or stressed
  • Bereavement
  • Problems with sleep
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Low mood
  • Body image

How will I know counselling is right for me?

  • Meet me for an initial chat and we can decide together how best to support you
  • If our first chat feels right, we can meet again
  • Ongoing sessions normally happen weekly
  • Counselling is voluntary so you can decide if the time is right and you want to attend
  • Please note there is a currently a waiting list for school counselling, if you need to contact an external agency click here for information here

If you would like to see me, please fill in a referral form found from the link below, post in the box outside my room E132 or email it to me on  If you are in Years 7-11, I will need parental permission for counselling however, I will not discuss with them what we talk about in the sessions, unless a safeguarding issue arises.

Link to download referral form here