Combined Cadet Force ( CCF)

ccfThe following notes are intended to give a brief outline of the aims and activities included in the CCF.

The broad function is to provide an organisation within a school so that boys and girls may develop powers of leadership, self-discipline, responsibility, self-reliance, endurance, resourcefulness and perseverance through a wide variety of experiences and activities.

All cadets begin with basic training within the three services consisting of drill and inspection, map & compass and service knowledge. Thereafter some specialisation occurs relevant to individual service chosen:-

Royal Navy: activities concerned mainly with water – swimming test, sailing, wind-surfing, navigation, knots, etc.

Army: land based activities including field craft, skill at arms, battle craft and the use of camouflage.

Royal Air Force: concerned with flying and gliding courses, principles of flight, air navigation, engines, aircraft recognition, meteorology, etc.

All cadets have the opportunity to take part in adventure training at weekends and during holidays.  Activities include camping, fell-walking, climbing, abseiling, sailing, canoeing and orienteering.  The CCF supports long distance events such as the Ten Tors across Dartmoor.

In addition cadets can attend annual camps and a variety of courses run by the services.  These involve spending up to a week at a military establishment and are attended in both large and small groups.

The CCF is supported by the Ministry of Defence and as such is a uniformed organisation.  The uniform is provided free except for boots.  It gives boys and girls a great opportunity to take part in activities that would not otherwise be available. There is no emphasis whatsoever placed on recruitment into the services.