Dance Arts Award


The Arts Award in Dance is an award for young people from 11 to 25 years; which allows them to develop their interest in Dance through technique classes, leading dance workshops, researching dancers and choreographers, and attending professional performances.  The Arts Award aims to develop talent, new experiences, teamwork and leadership skills, communication and organisation.


  • You should have an interest in Dance
  • You must be motivated to work hard
  • Experience in Dance will be of value

The Arts Award Course in Dance offers you the opportunity to gain a Bronze Arts Award in Year 10, and a Silver Arts Award in Year 11.

To achieve The Bronze Award you will:

  • Take part in regular dance technique classes developing your skills, knowledge and interest in Dance
  • Have the opportunity to attend a Professional Dance Performance, reviewing the quality of the performance
  • Research a Dancer/Choreographer you have an interest in
  • Lead a short Dance Workshop to a key stage 3 class.

Evidence is required for each part; this is presented in a portfolio.

To achieve the Silver Award you will:

  • Set a challenging objective for Dance. E.g.  To choreograph a 5 minute group Dance
  • Create an action plan showing how you will achieve your challenge
  • Have the opportunity to attend 2 Dance Performances, reviewing the quality of the performance and making comparisons
  • Find out about arts practitioners and careers in Dance, including taking part in a Dance Workshop of a different Dance style
  • Plan a Dance leadership project
  • Show your understanding of health and safety issues involved in planning a Dance Activity for others
  • Show that you can lead and inspire a Dance Activity
  • Show commitment to others and your project

Evidence is required for each part; this is presented in a portfolio