Students will be able to use the facilities at the Northcroft Leisure Centre, signing out at the school their House office and walking to the venue where a second register is taken.  This option allows students to utilise the fitness suite, swimming pool, sports hall and squash courts as each student will carry out a structured exercise programme.  By the end of the year students will understand the benefits of exercise and how to exercise safely in a gym.

Fitness Programme:

One week introduction to theory in school.

Students will rotate on a six week basis between the following facilities and the corresponding type of training.

Fitness suite: Resistance and endurance training.

            Principle of training – overload and specificity.

Swimming pool: Interval training, water safety and active recovery.

            Principle of training – progression and reversibility

Sports hall and squash courts: Cross training (recreational Badminton, basketball, indoor football and squash)

Principle of training – FITT and professional athletes out of season activities.