Business BTEC (KS4)


Edexcel: Specification 


Course Description

 The Edexcel BTEC First Award in Business is a level 2 qualification designed to provide work-related qualifications and experience in a specialist area.  The First Award takes the equivalent teaching time to one GCSE. Possible outcome grades are shown below with the approximate GCSE equivalent grade:


BTEC Grade

GCSE Comparative Grade

Distinction *








Level 1 Pass


A Level One qualification can provide a solid foundation for future learning in this subject.

The Edexcel BTEC First Award in Business is taught over 120 guided learning hours (GLH). It has core and optional units. Learners must complete both core units, plus further optional units. All units are equally weighted.

One unit of this course will be set and marked by Edexcel, all others will be set and assessed by the school. The mandatory units are outlined below.

Unit 1: Enterprise in the Business World: This unit introduces candidates to the language and terminology used in business.  It explores what businesses do, trends that affect them, how they operate and the factors that influence their success.  Candidates will plan an idea for a realistic business start-up in the local area, based on their research, select a format and then present the business model and plan.

Unit 2: Finance for Business:  In this unit candidates will explore the types of costs that businesses incur, from the initial start-up costs to the ongoing daily costs of running the business.  They will then explore the ways in which the sale of products and services generates revenue, so that they can develop their understanding of profit.  Candidates will then examine how businesses plan for success and learn about the techniques used to assist the planning process.  This will include break even analysis; budgets and cash flow forecasts.  Finally, part of the unit explores the ways in which businesses measure success and identify areas for improvement, including analysing key financial statements such as profit and loss accounts and balance sheets.

A further two optional units will be selected from a list of six possible areas of study.


Three of the four units are assessed on evidence produced by each candidate that demonstrates their knowledge and understanding of the subject content.  This will be in a variety of forms depending on the topic, for example a presentation, report, log/diary, explanations or project.

Unit 2 – Finance for Business – is externally assessed using an onscreen test.  The Examination Board – Edexcel – sets and marks the test.  The test has to be completed within one hour.

Why study BTEC Business?

The principle aim of this course is that candidates will best understand the complex nature of modern business organizations in a practical setting.  Candidates will not merely learn about business but will develop their understanding by directly engaging with practical business activities.  This can be achieved through a variety of approaches including work experience, links with local employers, case studies, research, assignments and project work.

The assessment structure means that only one of the four units is assessed by an external exam.

Further information on the BTEC First Award in Business can be obtained from Mrs D Seward, Head of Department Business and Economics or Mrs M A Grant.