Computing (KS3)

KS3 Computing 

Yr 7 Outline

In Year 7 students cover the following areas: Logging into a Network and Managing a User Area; Emailing; Desk Top Publishing and Online Safety; Hardware and Software; Use of Programs to Control; Modelling using Spreadsheets;

Yr 8 Outline

In Year 8 students cover the following areas: Manipulating Digital Artefacts – Graphics; Programming a Game – Scratch; Modelling using Spreadsheets – Abstracting the real world; Manipulating Digital Artefacts – Audio files;


All classes at Key Stage 3 are taught in mixed ability tutor groups and the teaching curriculum focuses on programming and ICT skills that are needed to make progress across all curriculum subjects at school.


Assessment in Computing is done through the marking of class work and independent study, with regular summative assessment and levelling when students complete end of topic tests.