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Year 7 Outline:

Students have the opportunity to work in sketchbooks and also to produce larger pieces using a variety of different materials and techniques.

During Y7 students experience three projects based on the areas of Painting & Drawing, 3D and Mixed Media. Students are introduced to the foundation materials and techniques unique to each of these areas. Project themes include Buildings, Objects, Sea Life and Portraits. A variety of different artists inspire each


 Year 8 Outline:

Students have the opportunity to work in sketchbooks and also to produce larger pieces using a variety of different materials and techniques.

During Y8 students develop their skills and knowledge gained in Y7. Again, three projects based on the areas of Painting & drawing, 3D and Mixed Media are studied, however more advanced skills and concepts are explored. Project themes include Lettering, Animals, Landscape, The Figure and a variety of different artists inspire each of these. Student will also experience a Graphics style brief as an extension of the Lettering


 Year 9 Outline:

Throughout the year students are given the opportunity to work through the GCSE Art assessment objectives based around the theme of Structures. Projects are based on a Painting Investigation and a Graphics Shoe brief during the first half of the year. The final third project based on Natural Forms will give students the opportunity to develop their own areas of interest in the specialisms of Drawing & Painting, 3D, Mixed Media or Graphics Students will look at artists, record from observation, experiment with materials and make a final outcome during all projects. It is intended that this course will give students a strong foundation if they decide to pursue the GCSE Art or Graphics course in Y10.


Students projects are assessed with comments and targets at a half way point and at the end of the project. Throughout the projects students have the opportunity for self and peer assessment and to visually respond to their




Examination Board: AQA ART & DESIGN: FINE ART 8202

Course Description:

Y10 Art students will develop Component 1: A Personal Coursework Portfolio, through exploring the areas of painting & drawing, mixed media, 3D and critical studies during an Autumn term Foundation course. They will respond to a theme such as Surfaces.  Work produced during the Foundation course will then lead into a personal project that is produced during the remainder of Y10 and the Autumn term of Y11. Students will learn how to develop and explore their creative ideas, producing sustained outcomes using materials of their choice. This project is inspired by a visit to the V&A Museum in September.

During Year 11 students will complete their development work and sustained outcomes for their Component 1 coursework project. They may then have the opportunity to develop an extended investigation.  Component 2: the externally set assignment, is set at the start of the Spring term and the creation of the sustained outcome takes place at the end of April in supervised, exam conditions. Students will visit a gallery at the start of the exam project to inspire their ideas for their selected starting point. This is a real opportunity for students to develop their growing individual art interests.

Everything about this exciting course is intended to allow students to continue with a subject which they already enjoy and to provide them with new challenges.



Component 1: Personal Coursework Portfolio. Students produce two projects during the course based on school set themes. This accounts for 60% of the qualification.


Component 2: the Externally Set Assignment. Students select one question from the exam paper written by AQA. They develop a project based on this question theme for roughly 12 school weeks. A final outcome is then created during a 2 day 10 hour exam. This accounts for 40% of the qualification.


Why Study Art at GCSE?


You will be given many opportunities during the course to explore a wide range of materials, process, ideas, and artists and to create your own personal response to the world around you.

So many creative people are successful in many different walks of life. Creativity isn’t only about pursuing artistic interests; it can also open the door to exciting career opportunities. GCSE Art develops so many transferable skills including problem solving, project planning, working independently, presenting and organising.

Further information on Art & Design can be obtained from Mrs Nicholls, Head of Art.