Dance (KS4)


Examination Board: AQA GCSE Dance 8236: specification 









Course Description:

The course is divided into 2 components that ensure all students receive a broad and balanced education within the dance curriculum. All components are compulsory and all contribute to the overall GCSE grade at the end of the course.

Component 1: Performance and Choreography

This component allows students to develop their knowledge and understanding of how to perform and how to create dance in a creative and imaginative way.

~ Performance (30%)

            Perform 2 set phrases as solo

            Perform a duo/trio

~Choreography (30%)

            Create a group choreography

Component 2: Dance Appreciation

Students will develop a range of skills that will assist them with being able to effectively analyse, interpret, compare and contrast and evaluate their own work and that of a range of other professional works. This is a written examination

~Dance appreciation (40%)

            Critical appreciation of professional works

            Critical appreciation of their own work

            The choreography process and performing skills


This qualification is assessed through a practical examination moderated through AQA

A written examination at the end of course lasting 1.30 hours 

There is no coursework for this qualification.



Why Study Dance GCSE?

The knowledge and skills learnt and developed through choosing dance at GCSE are clearly transferable to other qualifications at Key Stage 4 and beyond. Students will build self-confidence, self-esteem and body awareness while on this course. They will in addition learn to lead, problem solve and negotiate within small groups and develop their social communication skills through group work, analysis and practical applications. Dance GCSE will also develop student’s ability to be creative, innovative and to manage their own time effectively and efficiently. These skills and attributes are also also transferable to a wide range of environments found in the work place and higher education

A Practical, creative option such as Dance can be an effective contrast for other academic written subjects that the students opt for.

Further information on GCSE Dance can be obtained from Mr C Sarkozi, Head of Dance