Drama (KS4)


 Examination Board: EDUQAS

Course Description:

 The course aims to provide experience of Drama in its widest sense: ranging from exploration and improvisation to a polished production.  Through creation and performance, students will also acquire specialised theatrical skills in acting, design and direction. But, perhaps even more importantly students should also gain in self-confidence, personal insight, management and interpersonal skills. 



 Component 1: Devising Theatre Non-exam assessment: internally assessed, externally moderated 40% of qualification

Learners will be assessed on either acting or design. Learners participate in the creation, development and performance of a piece of devised theatre using either the techniques of an influential theatre practitioner or a genre, in response to a stimulus set by EDUQAS. Learners must produce:

  • a realisation of their piece of devised theatre
  • a portfolio of supporting evidence
  • an evaluation of the final performance or design.

Component 2: Performing from a Text Non-exam assessment: externally assessed by a visiting examiner 20% of qualification

Learners will be assessed on either acting or design.

Learners study two extracts from the same performance text chosen by the centre.

Learners participate in one performance using sections of text from both extracts.

 Component 3: Interpreting Theatre Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes 40% of qualification

 Section A: Set Text

A series of questions on one set text from either

  1. War Horse, Michael Morpurgo, adapted by Nick Stafford
  2. DNA, Dennis Kelly

Section B: Live Theatre Review

One question, from a choice of two, requiring analysis and evaluation of a given aspect of a live theatre production seen during the course.

 Why study Drama?

As well as a deserved emphasis on practical development, students will be expected to develop the critical and analytical techniques essential to designers and directors in this art form.   Drama embraces all types of learning styles and in every lesson we aim to teach in a visual, kinesthetic and auditory way.

Further information about the course can be obtained from Mrs. K Norris, Head of Drama Department.