PE (KS4)


OCR GCSE Physical Education (9-1) – J587 (from 2016):  Specification

Course Description:

This is a practical and engaging course that allows students to study PE in an academic setting. Students will have a mixture of practical and theory lessons.  Students are encouraged to be of an already high standard in three practical areas.


This qualification is assessed through 3 elements:

There is a practical activity assessment which also involves some evaluating and analysing of performance (AEP).  This is worth 40% of total GCSE and is marked out of 80.

Students will be internally assessed through the NEA in three practical activities and one performance analysis task.

Students can only be assessed as a performer, they will be required to be assessed in a sport from an individual sport lists, the team list and one other.

There is less flexibility in the individual sports which can be assessed.  We are therefore looking to provide more ways for students to gain high marks for this element, whilst at the same time offering exciting new opportunities for them to gain experiences which would not normally be available at school.

We are now running a year 10 GCSE PE residential trip which is a week at an excellent specialist outdoor education centre on the river Wye. At this centre students will be able to gain experience, qualifications and marks towards their GCSE in either rock climbing, canoeing or kayaking with specialist instruction and assessment.

In addition to three practical activities, students are required to demonstrate their ability to analyse and evaluate their own performance in order to analyse aspects of personal performance in a practical activity, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the performance and produce an action plan which aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of the performance.  This is done by completing what is called Analysing and Evaluating Performance (AEP)

Students will sit two theory papers.   One on applied anatomy and physiology and physical training, this relates to the Physical factors affecting performance, it will be a 1 hour written paper. This is worth 30% of total GCSE and is marked out of 80.

The other is on Socio-cultural influences: Sports psychology Health, fitness and well-being and this relates to the socio-cultural issues to do with sport and sports psychology, it will be a 1 hour written paper.  This is worth 30% of total GCSE and is marked out of 60.

Why Study GCSE PE?

This course will prepare students for further study of Physical Education or sports science courses. This course helps student to be confident, independent and effective decision makers who can work effectively individually or part as a team.  These are life skills.

Further information on GCSE PE can be obtained from Miss N Ostinelli–Director of PE and Sport.