Sport BTEC (KS4)

Edexcel: Specification

Course Description:

The Edexcel BTEC Sport course is a Level 2 qualification designed to provide work-related qualifications and experience in a specialist area, equivalent to one GCSE.  The course is taught over 120 guided learning hours (GLH) leading to grades of  A* – C grades, noted as Distinction*, Distinction, Merit, Pass and level one, for those achieving below the C grade.  Any students who fall below the pass grade will achieve a level 1 qualification (GCSE equivalent grades D-G) which can provide a solid foundation for future learning in this subject.


 The course is divided into discreet areas of Study:

Two Mandatory Units:

 Health and Fitness for Sport and Exercise – On completion of this unit a candidate should:

    1. Know the components of fitness and principles of training. 
    2. Explore the different fitness training methods.
    3. Investigate fitness testing to determine fitness levels.
  • Practical Sports performance– On completion of this unit a candidate should:
    1. Understand rules, regulations and scoring systems for selected sports. 
    2. Practically demonstrate skills, techniques and tactics in selected sports.
    3. Be able to review sports performance.

 Two Optional Units:

  • Leading Sports Activites– On completion of this unit a candidate should:
    1. know the attributes associated with successful sports leadership. 
    2. Undertake the planning and leading of sports activities.  
    3. Review the planning and leading of sports activities.

 Training for Personal Fitness – On completion of this unit a candidate should:

  1. Have designed a personal fitness training programme.
  2. Know about exercise adherence factors and strategies for continued training success.
  3. Implement a self-designed personal training programme to achieve own goals and objectives.
  4. Be able to review a personal training programme.

Each unit is assessed on evidence produced by each candidate that demonstrates their knowledge and understanding of the subject content. This will be in a variety of forms depending on the topic, for example a presentation, role play, log/diary, explanations or project.  The Health and Fitness for Sport unit will be assessed by an online test which lasts one hour and is marked externally.

Why study Sport BTEC?

 The principle aim of this course is that candidates will gain an understanding of the sport sector by applying theory to practical situations.  This can be achieved through a variety of approaches including practical participation, links with local employers, case studies, research, assignments and project work

 Further information on the BTEC First Award in Sport can be obtained from Mr. D McGall, Head of General Education Faculty.