Year 7:

Students have the ability to learn 3 units of work that introduces the basics of dance to them. Students will be able to use these basic skills to demonstrate their ability to perform dance and to communicate, mood, meaning and intention using a variety of dance vocabulary.

Unit 1: An Introduction to Dance/Chance dance.

The basic skills that underpin all dance performance and choreography

Unit 2: Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker!

Exploring newly learnt skills and developing knowledge of dynamics within dance

Unit 3: Swansong

An exploration of relationships and characterisation in dance and how this can be



Year 8:

Students will be able to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding previous taught to them in year 7 and apply these in a more complex and creative way. Students are able to bring their own knowledge of popular culture dance and use this within class work

Unit 1: Abstract Sport

Using a range of sports, students will be able to use specific actions and dynamics to create a performance that is abstract in nature

Unit 2: Street Dance

Students will be taught the stylistic features of street dance and use this to create a class performance that is utilising the street dance battle

Unit 3: Lindy Hop

Students will gain the ability and experience of dancing in a duet. They will learn the stylistic features of the Lindy Hop and use these to choreograph lifts, steps and their own sequences