Year 7

Introduction to Drama

Students will learn the key skills and techniques that they will build upon. They will be introduced to short extracts of text and a variety of stimuli whilst also learning the importance of co-operation, communication and concentration.


Focus will be placed upon students considering more than just acting and will begin looking at how they can stage their performance. Students will be encouraged to select drama techniques which will bring their superhero to life.


Students will develop their own character based on their knowledge of an Evacuee. Students will look at The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Goodnight Mister Tom and other World War Two sources. Focus will be placed on the use of voice and movement to engage the audience.

Year 8

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Students will study extracts from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and focus on being able to perform a variety of characters in a believable way. Students will be encouraged to explore ways to engage their audience and interact with others on stage.


This theatre technique makes the students think about how they can get educate their audience.  Using the style Theatre in Education students will look at the Victorian era and develop a performance to engage a younger audience.

Konstantin Stanislavski

Focusing on the practitioner Stanislavski, students will explore the rehearsal techniques he developed in order to immerse themselves into a role. Once they have explored his concepts, students then apply these ideas to a scripted performance.