Mathematics (KS3 – Y9)

Students follow the Key Stage 3 Mathematics framework. The programmes of study cover the National Curriculum areas of Number, Algebra, Ratio, Proportion and Rates of change, Geometry and Measures, Probability and Statistics. There is an emphasis on developing fluency in skills and on reasoning mathematically to solve problems.

In the summer term students will focus on developing further the problem solving in context and skills required for GCSE Maths.


Assessment is through questioning, written work and formal tests in twice a year.


Students are taught in ability groups which are regularly reviewed, after each formal test. Parents are informed when changes are made.

Teaching and Learning Style:

Students are encouraged to develop their mathematical and thinking skills through a variety of activities and learning approaches. These include demonstration, illustration, dialogue, problem solving and the use of ICT. Students are regularly engaged in oral and mental work, as well as interactive and group work.

Opportunities beyond the classroom:

All pupils from top sets are entered into the UKMT (Maths challenge). This is carried out once a year; year 7/8 sit the Junior Maths challenge in the Summer term, year 9 sit the Intermediate Maths Challenge in the Spring term. Students are also offered other opportunities to participate in enrichment activities and visits for example; maths at the racecourse, team challenges and masterclasses.

Students can access additional support any activity time as part of the school enrichment program.