Examination Board: AQA

GCSE French 8658: Specification 

GCSE German 8668: Specification 

GCSE Spanish 8698; Specification 






Course Description:

 All three languages follow a similar course which is divided into 3 main themes:  Identity and Culture; Local, national, international and global areas of interest and Current and future study and employment.  These themes are further divided into topics covering everyday life and surroundings, as well as looking at festivals in other countries, social issues such as poverty and homelessness and the environment.



The GCSE is assessed at either Foundation (grades 1 – 5) or Higher tier (grades 4 – 9).  There are 4 separate units taken at the end of the course and each is worth 25% of the final grade.

Unit 1 Listening Comprehension

Unit 2 Speaking assessment  (conducted by the class teacher)

Unit 3 Reading Comprehension (includes a short translation into English)

Unit 4 Writing assessment (includes a short translation into the foreign language)


Why Study Foreign Languages?

The world is a global village, with increasing opportunity and  need to interact with people from other countries and cultures.  Whether it is for leisure or work purposes, the ability to speak other languages opens doors and broadens your understanding of how the world operates. 

Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.❞ ‒Rita Mae Brown    

Contact for further details: Mrs Wood, Head of MFL