Languages (KS4 – FCSE)


Examination board:  AQA – specification

Course Description

 The FCSE language course is administered by AQA.  It allows students to be tested at regular intervals during the course ( in speaking, listening, reading and writing).  Students can achieve passes at Pass, Merit and Distinction level, according to ability.   Students entered for FCSE languages exams will not be entered for the full GCSE exam.  We are likely to offer FCSE courses in more than one language, however, this will be based on the preferences of the students as a whole.

Students will work on all four skills (speaking/listening/reading/writing) and tackle a variety of topics, similar to, but in less depth than, the work covered at Foundation Level GCSE.



Assessment will start in Year 10.  Students will be assessed  in the different skills by the class teacher as and when they are ready.  Completed work is saved in a portfolio which is moderated by the exam board towards the end of Year 11.  

Course structure:

Students will continue to develop their language skills through a variety of topics such as Holidays and Leisure, Lifestyle, Education and Future plans, Food and Drink and Celebrations.  Students will be encouraged to master new vocabulary and improve the accuracy of the language they use.

Further information on FCSE languages can be obtained from Mrs Wood, Head of Modern Languages, and from the website at