Personal Development

Our Personal Development Programme is an essential part of the school’s support for individuals as they mature and develop into independent and capable young adults.

All young people need support and guidance as they develop the skills and understanding necessary to make a success of sixth form studies and their future preparation for the world of work and higher education with UCAS/job applications and financial awareness. Likewise, they need an opportunity to discuss the most important and relevant issues of the day which impact on their lives, from environmental concerns, to issues of morality, social exclusion and equality. This programme combines all of these elements to help our young people understand their place in the world and develop the skills and understanding necessary to be successful and effective.

Each week, students engage with a different topic from the programme, led and facilitated by the Tutor, during one period. During an additional enrichment session there is careful use of outside speakers and specialists to illuminate key issues. Two, day-long workshops, one at a Higher Education conference, and one to explore business and enterprise issues, offer in-depth focus on key topics. Students engage through discussion and debate, role play and group work learning.

Specific topics addressed in Year 12 include settling in to the Sixth Form and advanced study skills, preparing job applications and CVs, mental health, social exclusion and being a global citizen. We also begin to explore the vast range choices for life post-sixth form, including apprenticeships, gap-years and university.

Specific topics addressed in Year 13 include accessing Higher Education: support with writing UCAS applications, choosing courses and colleges, and dealing with subsequent offers. Help is also available with designing a gap year, and students who choose not to apply to university, have their own programme outlining writing an effective CV, gaining employment and the different options available to them post 18. Understanding personal finance and health related issues as well as topical moral, environmental and ethical debates also feature.