Three Peaks Challenge

Published 13 October 2022

In July last term, we reported that three Year 11 students, Luke, Ben and Ed, were about to take on the National Three Peaks Challenge. Let’s hear from Luke about how they got on…

 “We began our ascent of Snowdon, Wales’ highest mountain, at 8pm on the 13 July; meaning we would have to have to make a full descent of Ben Nevis by 8pm the following day for our attempt at the challenge to be successful.We moved quickly up the mountain, reaching the summit at 9.20pm as the sun set and reaching the car at around 11pm, almost an hour ahead of schedule. The weather on the mountain was glorious, with little wind and very few clouds, meaning incredible views at the summit.

We then drove to Scafell Pike, England’s tallest mountain, which we set off up at around 3.40am in the morning of 14 July. Despite the early hour, we made fast progress up the path to reach the summit at around 5.15am and the car around 7am; the weather was again ideal for the walk, with little wind and no precipitation, however, there were plenty of clouds, including low ones covering the summit, meaning we could see little as we stopped for a rest there.

Following thi,s we travelled on to Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Scotland, and the highest of all the peaks we had ascended. We started up the mountain at 1.20pm over an hour and a half ahead of the schedule, meaning we had a full 6 hours and 40 minutes to ascend and descend the mountain. In this knowledge we decided to take Ben Nevis a little slower, taking more time to enjoy the mountain and the views it offered. Therefore, we reached the peak, which was covered in cloud as low as 300m below the summit, slightly later than otherwise expected at around 4.30pm and the car (our finish line) at 7.00pm.

Our fast times on the first two mountains, and excellent traffic between, meant we finished the challenge in 22 hours and 59 minutes, ready for dinner in a pub at Fort William and a good night’s rest in a hotel.

Although we are incredibly proud of our success in the challenge, we are perhaps more proud of the money we raised. Our attempt at the challenge was in support of the West Berkshire Food Bank, a charity which does incredible work in our community to provide many people with food when they may not be able to source it themselves. Our fundraising page has raised £1,365 for the charity, a sum which I’m sure will aid their work at a time when donations are low and demand is higher than ever.”

Well done boys, what a terrific achievement and an impressive sum raised for such an important cause.