Visit from Eeklo

Published 3 May 2023

After writing pen pal letters to the students in Eeklo, they paid us a visit on Wednesday 29 March, wanting to learn about life in an English school. We started off the day in Wormestall Conference Centre getting to know our pen pals. We did this by answering in French (a mutual language). We learnt about the many similarities and differences in our two schools. For example, in Eeklo they do not have to wear school uniform. As well as this, we found out that nearly all of the students cycle to school and they were very surprised to see how few bikes there were in the Bart’s bike shed!

Following this quick-fire introduction session, we took them on a tour of the school, visiting all of the blocks, and they were shocked to see how large the school was compared to theirs and how many facilities we have. It was fascinating to compare the different schools.

Despite the rainy weather, we then took the students into Newbury town centre to show them around. They all appeared to have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to explore our town; as much as we all enjoyed showing it off. It was interesting being able to compare where we live in a range of languages, as well as having the opportunity to interact with people of different cultures with different stories. All of our St Bart’s students have agreed it was a fun and engaging experience and would be thrilled to be given the chance to do something similar again. Thank you to Mrs Sheikh for organising and to Mrs Hedley-Smith for accompanying us.

Katya 10D2 and Edith 10E2

“It was a great experience and I liked getting to know our penpals”-Gwen

“It was so fun interacting with people of different cultures and I think it would be a wonderful idea to see them again, if we went to Belgium” – Louis