Vodafone Experience for Apprenticeship Week

Published 23 February 2023

As part of the 16th annual National Apprenticeship Week, 30 Sixth Form students recently visited Vodafone for an apprenticeship workshop. The day was held in the Vodafone Conference ‘Pavilion’ at their headquarters and was part of  our Apprenticeship Programme, which is supporting students in Years 12 and 13 who are looking to apply to apprenticeships.

Current Vodafone apprentices took students through a ‘mock’ version of an apprenticeship assessment day, giving them a taste of the processes and tasks that they can expect as part of an application to Vodafone or other major companies. Students discovered more about Vodafone’s apprenticeships, learnt about what employees are looking for in applicants, gained interview tips and had the chance to participate in a series of Group Tasks specifically designed to put their team work and presentation skills to the test.

Jake Randall, Vodafone Data & Insights Specialist – Apprentice, said: “It was a great experience being able to facilitate the organisation of the mock assessment day for St Bart’s School with Vodafone, and to see how much we helped some of the visiting students in their preparation for life after education. As a first year data analyst apprentice, I was very much bucking the trend by pursuing an apprenticeship, over the conventional university route – now I am on a great scheme here at Vodafone and I have realised all the benefits it can offer. I was really keen to share my experience with others and give them the best opportunity to jump on the apprenticeship bandwagon.”

The students also benefitted from individual interviews, as Vodafone employees and managers took time out from their day to meet and question our students, as well as providing reflections and feedback to further support students with developing their technique. Ellie Spence, Year 13 St Bart’s student, said: “The 1-1 interviews, and in-person group assessment activities made clear exactly what an employer is looking for in a new apprentice, and importantly encouraged me to understand and develop my own, useful skills.“

We hope to hold similar events in the future and we’d love to hear from any other companies who feel they could work with our Apprenticeship Programme in a similar way.