Whole School Poetry Competition

There were 50 entries from across the year groups to the whole-school poetry competition. It was fantastic to read every one, and to appreciate the emotion, imagination and craft that students put into their work. Judging was tricky but no punches were thrown, and ultimately Mr Robbins, Miss Devitt and Mr Clayton were unanimous in their choices.

The overall winner, whose poem follows below, was Clementine Barry from 9D3. The list of other winners and runners-up are on page 2. Those students should, from Wednesday, go to the library during the time their year-group has access to collect their prizes: a £10 book voucher for the winner and a £5 book voucher for the runner-up. Congratulations to all. 

Y7 winner: Florence Hatton, 7C1 (runner-up: Rishik Kar, 7P1)

Y8 winner: Edith Rivers, 8E2 (runner-up: Elliot Robins, 8D1)

Y9 runner-up: Amber Sheperia, 9D2

Y10 winner: Abha Kulkarni, 10C1 (runner-up: Holly Chavda, 10P2)

Y11 winner: Adam Turner, 11C1 (runner-up: Amit Manna, 11E2)

Y12 winner: Madeleine High, P4 (runner-up: Evie Chester, C1)

Y13 winner: Maddie Barnes, E2 (runner-up: Laurence Hall, C3)

You can read all the winning poems here


The Hill I Climb by Clementine Barry

It was nice down there,

In the oblivious pit.

Living our lives,

As we saw fit.


Until we clambered up

Towards the light,

And the sight we saw,

Wasn’t too bright.


We looked at the people

Who were working and sweating

Only to waste their cash,

On gambling and betting.


We were confused,

By what we saw.

We were so oblivious

Just a moment before.


I thought we were the worst,

At the foot of this hill,

Yet as we were climbing,

Climbing still,


The people became sadder.

They were more afraid.

And we soon realised,

The mistake we’d made.


We’re not the worst,

At the foot of this hill.

They’re the ones at the top

Who hate and kill.


We’re only lazy.

Our sins aren’t too bad.

We just sit and think,

About what we could’ve had.


I’d always been scared

To peer over the edge,

What with the fear I had,

Of falling off the ledge.


One day I decided,

To conquer my fear.

And finally something,

Filled me with cheer.


There were people.

People, down there.

People who smile,

And people who care.


I wanted it too,

I wanted that glee.

I knew if I went,

I would be free.


So with my toes on the edge,

And my shaking knees bent,

I released my fears,

Over the edge, went.