Y7 RE: Corrie Ten Boom Project

For the Corrie Ten Boom project we learnt about Corrie’s family and how they tried to hide some Jews in their house. They were extremely religious and believed that it was their duty as Christians to help the Jews.

For the project we watched the film of their story and filled in a folder about Corrie Ten Boom.  We learnt lots; one thing we learnt was to always help others, even if they are your enemies.

 For the final part of the Corrie Ten Boom project, we had to make something; it could be a piece of art, a model, a video or a poem, to do with Corrie’s story, something we thought stood out in the story. For my piece I used Casper’s idea that if they all wore the star sign on their clothing no one could know who was a Jew or not. I made a box with two holes (bottom left in the picture above): through one hole you could see lots of people and only one person wore a star so you could identify the Jew and through the other hole you could see lots of people and everyone was wearing a star: you couldn’t tell who was the Jew.