Year 10 Cadbury World Trip

In June, the Business Studies department took 64 Year 10 students to Cadbury World, Bournville, Birmingham.

Cadbury World’s strapline ‘The Choc House of Fun’ certainly lived up to its name. We were all treated to free samples and chocolate tasting during our visit.

Students took part in tempering the chocolate, creating decorative writing (not that it lasted for long!) and watching demonstrations. Throughout the day, students explored the history behind the success of Cadbury and its best-selling brands, particularly Dairy Milk. 

A simulation of the production process and a 4D cinema experience which both involved motion effects, sounds and images, kept the students on their toes and helped them to understand the origins of the cocoa beans and the way in which Cadbury adds value.

The visit culminated with an engaging educational talk including topics such as; stakeholders, ethics, marketing and promotion, the product life cycle and the new initiative of Cocoa Life which will supersede the Fairtrade logo on their products.

All in all, the visit was, to quote some of the students, ‘the best day of my life’ and a valuable opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and understanding to a real business, first hand.