Year 10 Hands-On Sky Studios Experience

Published 8 January 2024

On Tuesday 30 November, Year 10 Film Studies students (and two Year 12s) journeyed to the West London home of Sky TV.

Students were able to see the sheer scale of the Sky ‘campus’, where over 7,000 people work, and saw both the Sky News and Sky Sports News studios. The highlight of the afternoon though was working in groups, supported by Sky employees, to come up with an idea for a film trailer, shooting it on high-end cameras utilising green screen technology and then editing it all together. The highly amusing finished products were then screened for all the groups to appreciate.

Lucas (10C1) said, “I really enjoyed the studio space where we made our film trailers and my favourite part was working under pressure, trying to figure things out as a group. I learned how the news is broadcast and how if they go over their timeslot they get fined £100,000, so being precise is really important!”