Year 10 Students’ Lockdown Collaboration

Lockdown is a hard time for everyone. We are all missing people, friends, family and loved ones. Our new song, “One Thing” expresses these feelings of missing someone, as we wrote, recorded and produced the song over the last few weeks.

We received so much great feedback that we have decided to release the song. We have been writing together for just less than a year now and both really enjoy it. After months of sharing our songs with each other and even performing some together, we decided to properly collaborate under the band name, “Hidden in Plain Sight”, in the hope that we can move forward with our song writing and create a recognisable brand.

Our new song will be released on the 20 June and we hope to follow it with our debut album which we are currently working on. We decided to share our music with the world because music is such a large influence on both of our lives and we are hoping that our music can influence someone or help someone the same way as music has influenced our lives.

Amit and Abbie (Year 10)

You can preview a short clip of “One Thing” on Hidden in Plain Sight’s Instagram page: