Year 11 Interview Skills Day

On Tuesday 19 November all students in Year 11 were involved in an interview skills day. 

Prior to the day students spent time in their PDP sessions examining the skills required for work, researching career choices, producing CV’s and letters of application.

On the day students were given a mock interview and then had the opportunity to talk to their interviewers and receive feedback on their performance.

The event was supported by the Education and Business Partnership West Berkshire and a team of 25 business volunteers.


As a school, we are very grateful for the time these volunteers give up to provide such a valuable experience for our students. All our volunteers were extremely positive in their feedback about the students’ preparation and the way they took part in the interview and listened to their feedback. Well done to everyone involved!

Students involved commented…

“The Year 11 interview day was a great way to prepare students for future interviews and show them how to act during an interview. For me the interview experience has given me confidence for the future as well as feeding back to me lots of helpful and relevant tips to make both my interview skills and CV better. Overall the interviewers were very friendly and the session that we were given was a good opportunity that I would be happy to do again.”

“Our interviews were successful in understanding how to prepare for an interview and act during an interview. It was a great experience having our interviews with external, real-life interviewers; they were very friendly and helpful, and our feedback will definitely help in the future. We learnt skills such as how to create CVs and what employers looked for. It was an exciting experience.”