Year 12 Geography Field Trip

Published 30 March 2022

On Monday 7 March, along with 34 other A-level geography students, I left for a week-long trip to Snowdonia, North Wales. The trip was a great experience for all the students and teachers to bond and a lot of memories were made. Throughout the trip we investigated a range of geographical topics, including water and carbon cycles, glaciated landscapes and the way our perceptions of places may be influenced.

On the first day we investigated infiltration rates of water into the soil depending on the soil types and land use. The next day was all about carbon storage in woodlands and peat bogs and how the stores differed from one another. Here we also got the chance to help trees grow through giving them a boost of oxytocin – in other words tree-hugging!

We then spent a day in the seaside town of Llandudno where we analysed the features making up the place and how this affected our perceptions of it. The final full day was spent at Cwm Idwal looking at glacial features such as corries (Welsh – cwms) (often the starting point of a glacier) as well as striations and roche moutonnées (glacial features). This day was largely agreed to be one of the best as there were lots of scenic views and minimal rain, which was a pleasant surprise! Each night the teachers set the students a challenge that related to the events of that day. This varied from performing raps, limericks or dances which provided some excellent in-house entertainment for us, as well as for the occupants from other schools who were also staying at the Rhyd-y-creuau centre.

Sophie Bhatt (12E4)