Year 13 Business BTEC Work Experience Week

Published 9 March 2023

The Year 13 Business BTEC students recently went on a week of work experience as a part of their Business BTEC course. They were all assigned to work in a company in the local area and experience the industry of their interest. These included: marketing, childcare, metal work, sales, carpentry, administration and engineering. The students attended:

– West Berkshire Council

– Rebound Electronics UK Ltd

– Newbury College Marketing Department

– CY Metal Work

– Woolton Hill Primary School

– Speenhamland Primary School

– Incubate IT

– Porsche

– Benchmark Woodworking Ltd

– Charter Travel

– KLS Martin Group

We carried out various roles and responsibilities during their week while being supervised. Those working in primary schools acted as a teacher’s assistant, helping children with their work. Those in business designed and created social media posts, bulletins and creative writing for company pages.

Student quotes:

“My work experience gave us insight to working in a primary school with children with additional needs. This allowed us to understand how complex working with these children is and the importance of the care they are given.” Clara & Jack

“It was great. I got hands on experience building things needed in the real world. It helped me improve my social, initiative, organisation and physical skills.” Alec

“It helped prepare me for the real working world, showing me the different skills I would need to succeed.” Leila

I am very pleased with the commitment and enthusiasm with which this year’s group of students undertook their placements. All employers were extremely complimentary about the students’ efforts and skills and some students have been asked to contact the companies when they have finished their studies to pursue the possibility of employment or apprenticeships.

We are grateful to the Education and Business Partnership for their work in interviewing the students and securing such excellent placements and to all the companies involved for hosting our students.

Mrs Seward

Head of Department: Business and Economics, Careers Leader