Year 13 Chemistry in Action Trip

Published 23 November 2022

On Monday 14 November, Y13 students attended a series of chemistry lectures given by experts in their fields. Let’s hear from two of the students who attended.

“We began by learning about the complex beauty of colour in chemistry. This was presented by Dr Jamie Gallagher. 

Jamie is an award winning science communicator with a PhD in chemistry and electrical engineering. Next, Professor Saiful Islam gave a very topical presentation on the development of new materials and how they are crucial in the advance of low carbon energy solutions.

 After which, we were educated on the various ways chemistry has been used in wars by the award-winning science journalist, Dr Kit Chapman. After a brief lunch break by the Thames, we were greeted by our next lecturer, Jess Wade. She gave a fascinating lecture about the relevance of chiral materials (molecules that have a non-superimposable mirror image) in modern day engineering. The final lecture of the day was on the rare earth elements – the 14 or so elements in the lanthanide series. The synthetic chemist and broadcaster Professor Andrea Sella led us through the remarkable history and uses of these fundamental elements.”

Adam Turner (13C4)

“The trip gave me a fantastic insight into how chemistry that I have learnt as part of my A Level syllabus is applied to real world chemistry. We saw a range of different applications of chemistry and it was a very inspiring experience.”

Oliver Davey (13P4)