Year 13 Virtual Leavers’ Assembly

Recently we said goodbye to our Year 13 students in a virtual Leavers’ Assembly. Read one student’s moving account of saying farewell to her school of 7 years with touching messages and of course a finale of Cha Cha Slide and the Macarena!

Although it was not quite the way I envisioned bidding farewell to the school that has been an important part of my life for seven years, the virtual leavers parade on Friday 19 June was a perfect opportunity to show appreciation to the students and teachers who have supported me and my fellow leavers at St Bart’s.

Beginning with farewells from Mrs Lane and Mr Robbins, which nearly induced me to turn off my camera as they left me rather bleary eyed, the leavers’ parade provided the closure that was greatly needed to allow us all to move forward from our time at St Bart’s. The goodbyes from St Bart’s have in fact allowed us to open new doors into our future and given us the strength to approach and engage in anything that life throws our way.

 Mr Eden’s shared pictures of us in Year 7 which further emphasised what a crucial part this school has been for our development into adults and Mrs Lane’s word game revealed my abysmal knowledge of the last names of people in my own year group! Hearing from Mrs Garrety reminded me of how she would always have their office door open to everyone and have time to talk no matter how busy she was. In turn, hearing Ciara and Gareth talking about their experiences as Head Boy and Girl transported me back into whole school assembly, something routine and familiar.

Checking the chat attached to the zoom call, I found it was full of teachers imparting messages of farewell and good luck to their tutor groups and students. The school officers shared their gratitude for all the help provided by the Sixth Form team, House Heads and class teachers who supported us during our school career and are continuing to provide guidance for their students even when we have flown the nest.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a leavers’ parade without a finale of cha cha slide and the macarena which was heartily joined in by all those who I could see with their cameras still on!

Although not the way I expected to leave St Bart’s, it proved to be a joyful celebration of all our year group has been through together and it was lovely to be able to see everyone happy, safe and well.

Arianwen Evans