Year 7 Bookbuzz Books

Published 29 November 2022

At St Bart’s Library, we are very keen to foster a love of reading among our students. Each new Year 7 English group has had an introduction to our Library and how they can borrow from the exciting collection of fiction and non-fiction books.In addition, through the Bookbuzz scheme (supported by the Book Trust), the Library is giving a FREE book to each of our Year 7 students.

We do this every year. With a list of 17 amazing titles to choose from, all students should be able to find something they like, whatever their interest or ability, and the book will be theirs to keep.

Francesca said, “It’s really nice to get new book ideas and that we get to keep them.” And Luke added, “There was a great variety of books to choose from. I picked one based in space as it sounded quite exciting”.

So if you have a Year 7 student, watch out for a new book coming home!