Year 7 Gamelan Workshops

Published 7 April 2022

Every student in Year 7 took part in a series of Indonesian Gamelan Workshops run by Mike Simpson from InspireWorks. Following on from their weekly music lessons, where they have been studying scales from around the world, students learned about the different instruments that make up this traditional percussion orchestra, discovered some of the conventions of Indonesian music, and had an amazing opportunity to learn and perform a balungan – a traditional piece of Indonesian music – 

on authentic instruments from the other side of the globe. From sets of tuned metal chimes to enormous iron gongs the size of truck tires, the students experienced the genuine sounds of the music of another culture first hand. Mike was really impressed with the attitude and concentration of the St Bart’s students, who really got stuck into learning and focusing on performing this music.

Here are some of the students taking part.