Year 7 Theatre Trip

Ellie Kurttz, creative by Bob King
Ellie Kurttz, creative by Bob King

Year 7 went to The Mayflower theatre in Southampton last month to see The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  Here’s what some of them said about the trip…

“The Mayflower theatre was really spacious, and the stage was enormous. I loved the musicality of the whole performance. The actors were amazing, especially the professor, he was so funny. The use of props was really something; the swords, Aslan, the wires and the bird sings. 

 I loved the double cross, with Edmund going behind his siblings’ backs and then fighting with them against the witch. The use of lighting and the background was amazing and the way they levitated the so-called “Queen of Narnia” and rotated her dress. The crane, the wolves and the snow.  It was, in one word, Outstanding”

Toby Adams (7P1)

“When Year 7 went to see The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton on 24 November 2021 it was incredible!  As we walked into the theatre and took our seats we could see the stage in front of us. As the play began, props or new pieces of scenery were brought onto the stage to set the scene and help to tell the story. 

 The actors who played Susan, Lucy, Edmund and Peter (the main characters in the story) were really impressive and they brought the characters to life. Samantha Womack, a television actress, played the part of the White Witch to perfection. The way she acted and spoke created an atmosphere showing an evil Queen who would do anything for power. Aslan is a son of a God and takes the form of a lion who is kind and wise and helps everyone. His costume was amazing; it was a lion made of metal, controlled by a person who made all of the actions and made it move, like a puppet. Aslan himself was presented as the spirit of the great beast, wearing wonderful, coloured clothing and capturing everyone’s imaginations. I would recommend this play to anyone, it was a truly magical and memorable experience!”

Phoebe Mortimore (7D2)


“I thought “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” was out of this world – literally! It was a highly creative adaptation of the story. I enjoyed how Mrs Beaver had a more significant part to play in the performance than in the book. I thought that the Aslan puppet was a really great idea and the fact that it was so moveable, made Aslan more elegant which really represented the wise, brave lion. I thought it was really cool that they had Maugrim run around on crutches to make the fight scenes look a lot quicker and more effective.  The performance was amazing and I would happily watch it all again!”

By Clara Horwood (7P2)