Year 9 Scholars Graduate at Southampton University

24 Year 9 students celebrated their academic success at Southampton University on 12 February. They took part in a 6 week workshop and wrote an extended essay, gaining either First Class or Second Class honours. Here’s what one Year 9 had to say:

What did you learn in the 6 week workshop?

We wrote an essay on ‘Power and patronage in the Roman world’ or ‘Everything is an equation; we just need to find out the best one’. I particularly enjoyed the discussions on conspiracy theories.

What skills did you develop?

We got to refine our critical thinking skills and learned how to write and reference extended essays: so important for when we start our GCSEs in Year 10. I’ve also learned some resilience; I know to keep going even when it gets difficult. No one likes writing essays but it feels really good to know that you finished it. Oh, and the university has a zebra in the horticultural park.

How have your ambitions changed after taking part in this workshop?

We learned that we should always do the best we can. We can use our experience to help us secure a highly selective place at one of the top universities. Taking part in the Scholar’s Programme was the bicycle pump to my ego; I feel like I have more confidence and it’s helped me to believe in myself more.