Year 9 Textiles Trip

Published 16 March 2023

The Fashion and Textile Museum was founded in 2003 by British Fashion Designer: Zandra Rhodes. She opened the museum to showcase the work of British and global textile artists and fashion designers.

On Monday 6 March, Year 9 students visited the museum to explore Kaffe Fassett’s Quilting Exhibition: The Power of Pattern. As well as showcasing many of his world renowned quilts and fabric prints, the exhibition also celebrated the work of many international quilt artists and designers. The students were given an informative tour of the quilts on display by a quilting enthusiast and expert.

‘Overall, in the entire exhibition, ‘Levitate’ was my favourite [quilt] because of the use of colour, scale and perspective. It’s a piece that you could look at for hours and still fine small, new details. For example the orbs look like bubbles, planets or germ colonies and then you can also spot how each orb looks like a flower.’ Luca Forrester 9E1

Whilst at the museum, students were also able take part in a fashion drawing workshop with fashion designer Suki Bourne. They were set the task to draw one of two garments on display, which were designed by Zandra Rhodes, and then design their own fashion collection inspired by the construction techniques, patterns, and prints from these garments.

Miss Brock